Do you have kids who love snacks, or is chocolate your indulgence? Attention ! The chocolate mousse in your fridge could well harm you… Chocolate mousses from the Marie Morin brand are in fact the subject of a recall throughout France, due to an error in labeling.

Chocolate mousse, this dessert originating from Switzerland, delights a large number of gourmets every day. The traditional recipe necessarily includes raw egg whites. It is for this reason that the medium-term conservation of chocolate mousse is a slippery slope. Homemade chocolate mousse should not be stored for more than 24 hours, even in the refrigerator.

For industrial foams, the room for maneuver is a little greater. However, chocolate mousse is one of those products for which you should not skimp on the expiry date. It is for this reason that the foams subject to the recall must be eliminated from your fridge: a labeling error on the expiry date, displaying 2023 instead of 2022.

That said, few would be those who would keep a packet of chocolate mousses in reserve in the bottom of their fridge for more than a year… It is still advisable to bring back these chocolate desserts in one of the 4 distributors at the origin of the reminder: Leclerc, Monoprix, System U and Match.

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