Already died ten homeless people in Germany this Winter, according to research by the German Federal Association for the assistance to the homeless on the street. A suspect come the case, said the managing Director Werena Rosenke. The homeless froze to death in Hamburg, Cologne, Düsseldorf and Berlin.

Alone in the capital were found in the ice – cold nights of the past few days, two people of no fixed abode dead on a Park bench, another on the site of a former swimming pool. One of the men died in the night of Friday, and is not recorded in the census of the working group. The cause of death was at two as-yet unclear.

cold buses and refrigeration phones help

Meanwhile, in snow and icy conditions on the roads in the West of Germany, two people were killed. In Paderborn, a motorist died driving in an accident in the dense snow. As the police said, was caught on Friday evening a vehicle into oncoming traffic and crashed into the car of the 49-year-old man. His passenger survived seriously injured. The ‘polluter pays’ hovered in mortal danger. The driver of a third car that was in the accident, was also seriously injured.