Engie, EDF, Total: the “bonuses” planned for energy-efficient customers this winter


A 10% reduction in energy consumption. This is the sine qua non condition to avoid cuts this winter, according to government calculations.

To deal with the crisis that threatens the cold season, the authorities are therefore calling on the French to show, from now on, “energy sobriety”. Clearly, to save as much electricity and gas as possible to avoid shortages.

Among the “official” instructions to households, we find for example the injunction not to heat your home above 19°C, even if it means layering sweaters and plaids. A recommendation illustrated with a lot of down jackets and turtlenecks by the Ministers during the last council.

And if, for the time being, penalties are not on the agenda for those who do not comply with these new standards, energy suppliers are already thinking, on the contrary, of establishing a system of rewards, to better encourage the French to the effort. The initiative would have been blown to them by the government, reveals BFMTV.

Thus, the CEO of TotalEnergies Patrick Pouyanné announced, Tuesday, September 27 during the gas congress, the payment of bonuses this winter to the most energy-efficient customers, according to a well-established system: the “Bonus Conso”.

For households heating with electricity who reduce their electricity consumption by at least 5% between November 31 and March 1 will receive a bonus ranging from 30 to 120 euros, depending on the energy savings achieved (by example, to receive 120 euros, it will be necessary to save 20% of its consumption). Over the winter, Total customers should also receive “consumption reports” in order to be able to compare their consumption with that of 2022.

However, to be able to benefit from this unprecedented “reward”, three conditions must be met:

This bonus should be paid in April 2023, said the oil group, in the form of a reduction on the invoice.

The supplier Engie has also provided a financial bonus for its most “sober” customers this winter. It will take the form of daily challenges, the group announced.

The operation, called “My Engie Bonus”, will be effective from mid-October.

It will work as follows: during periods of high electrical tension, households will be notified by the supplier and will be able to participate in a “challenge” consisting in reducing their daily consumption compared to their “traditional” consumption (calculated in relation to consumption at D-7, D-14 and D-21, specifies TF1Info).

If the challenge is met, the customer will receive a bonus in euros on a special kitty. At the end of winter, the bonuses accumulated on this kitty will be paid to households.

“The consumption reduction objectives, like the bonus amounts for each challenge, will change over the winter in order to find the most effective combinations”, assures the supplier to TF1.

To be able to participate, you must meet these two conditions:

EDF should also follow its competitors and offer tempting “rewards” to its customers.

With, in particular, a proposal to reduce its consumption by 95% on very cold days, with, as a result, an extremely advantageous rate all year round.

Like the “Tempo” offer already available from the supplier: “300 days a year, the price per kilowatt hour is at the very competitive rate of 15.3 cents. But 22 days a year, in the middle of winter, the price rises to 63.7 cents. Customers are then notified by SMS and emails”, explains TF1Info.

The company should communicate in more detail on the outlines of its “bonus” system soon.