Barcelona, ​​Seville, Toledo… Spain is full of jewels that attract many tourists every year. Medieval architecture, cathedrals, Arab-Muslim palaces, wild nature, the landscapes to visit are numerous and have everything it takes to delight travelers.

It is therefore not surprising that this country is the favorite destination of the French for this summer of 2022. Indeed, if 74% of them plan to go on vacation this summer, they are 15% to declare having chosen Spain as destination. This is reported by a study conducted by the Ipsos institute and shared by our colleagues at Equinox Magazine.

In addition to its landscapes, its museums or its gastronomy, Spain can contain treasures that you do not suspect and which can nevertheless bring you a small sum.

Indeed, in the same way as in Portugal or in most European countries, coins can be the object of a certain speculation or rarity which can sometimes add zeros to their value. It is better to be attentive to the coins that circulate during our transactions or to those that we have in our wallet.

1 cent, 50 cents, 2 euros… No matter their value, no coin is worth throwing away and it is worth finding out which ones can be resold for more. This will allow you to keep them preciously to avoid spending them.

Here is the list of valuable coins that can be found in Spain according to the specialized website Info Collection.