Washing machine, dishwasher, dryer… Household appliances are now an integral part of our daily lives. Today, doing without them seems almost unimaginable as these devices are practical and save time every day.

If the dishwasher does not yet have its place in all French homes, it is difficult to remove for families who have been able to taste the luxury offered by this machine. No need to spend 25 minutes cleaning each of the knives, forks, plates, glasses, dishes… The device takes care of it for you. It allows you to quickly recover clean and dry dishes in just a few tens of minutes.

However, this product is not perfect and it often happens that the dishes are still damp when the program ends. This can be annoying because it is then necessary to wipe the objects one by one before storing them in their respective places.

This type of event can happen even if the dishwasher has a suitable drying program because it may be the victim of a malfunction or simply worn out or inefficient.

The first thing to do is to check the rinse aid level. This is indeed the main cause of wet dishes after washing. This liquid facilitates the flow of water on the dishes.

If the problem persists, there is a trick to fix it. To do this, grab a towel and place it above the door of the dishwasher, so that half of the piece of cloth is inside the appliance and the other half outside. the outside. In this way, the fabric absorbs moisture and the dishes can therefore be dried much more quickly.