Furry Surprise – in Spite of prevention: spectacled bears-a Junior in the Zoo ZürichDas males Apu is a hormone implant that should make him infertile wears actually. Now a young animal runs by the plant.14 Kommentare14Brillenbär Uyuni is already a few weeks in the world, so far he was in his Den hidden. But now…the Zoo of Zurich, Beatrice Engeler… he explores for the first Time to be at home. Always at his side…Zurich Zoo, Marco Schaffner… spectacled bears-Mama Cocha.Zoo Zurich, Marco SchaffnerDer small Uyuni is a Surprise, because actually, dad Apu is wearing implant a hormone.Zoo Zurich, Marco SchaffnerNun can look forward to the Zoo about the latest Junior.Zoo Zurich, Marco Schaffner, you will certainly find a place for him, the Zoo is überzeugt1 / 8

The unexpected offspring is male and was born about three and a half months. Since Uyuni was mostly in the Den and did not look. These days he with the mother Cocha now first forays into the outdoor enclosure.

Like the Zurich Zoo announced on Wednesday, was not a planned birth, but the prospects are intact but that Uyuni is a good place to be found, if he was an adult.

The Zoo is closed due to the Corona pandemic currently. Therefore, Uyuni takes his first rock climbing trips without an observer. The Zurich Zoo can – like all other Zoos, animal and Wildpärke – its doors expected to be on 8. June re-open.

the next generation of zoo Director, Alex Rübel is happy, as he tells in the Video.


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