In preparation for the arrival in Canadian dealerships in June of the new Integra Type S, Acura has released the model’s entry price. Unsurprisingly, it will cost more than the Honda Civic Type R from which it is closely derived.

If you’re interested in the model, you’ll have to shell out $55,600 before related costs to get your hands on this sporty livery. That’s about $5,500 more than the Civic Type R. Like its sibling, this Integra will be offered without option packages. Only the interior and exterior colors will be chosen by the buyer.

To justify the price difference, the Integra Type S has a plusher cabin and an additional 5 hp (320 hp total) squeezed from the same turbocharged 2.0L four-cylinder engine as the Type R. Only the manual is at the appointment (6 reports).

This Acura Integra Type S is in a way a return to sporting roots for this brand which, among other things, has already prepared the Integra Type R and the RSX Type S.