It’s the family fun of the summer. Since its creation in 1990, Fort Boyard (formerly Les Clés de Fort Boyard) has attracted millions of viewers on France 2. This cult program hosted by Patrice Laffont (until 1999), Jean-Pierre Castaldi (2000-2002) and Olivier Minne (since 2003) brings together strong elements that make it successful.

We first think of the famous characters who roam this fort lost in the middle of the sea: the wise Father Fouras, his messengers Passe-Partout and Passe-Muraille, joined this year by the new and terrifying acolyte Passe-Oussakass. Without forgetting Félindra and her tigers, La Boule, the chief and sheriff Willy Rovelli, the twin sisters Blanche and Rouge (played by Delphine Wespiser) and Cyril Gossbo (host Cyril Féraud).

The France 2 game also owes its popularity to the candidates who took part in the adventure. Their objective: to collect as many keys as possible during the physical and logical tests, to face their fears in the adventures in order to get the most clues to solve the code word and to pocket as many boyars as possible in the treasure room. But beware of the wise old watchman and his allies who put a spoke in the wheels of the teams.

Between heroic performances, unusual blunders and failed challenges, each season of Fort Boyard offers its share of good and bad surprises. For viewers, it is also an opportunity to dive back into their memories by seeing the show which evolves over the seasons. But, do you know all the secrets of this cult France 2 show?

Before discovering the new season of Fort Boyard this summer, Planet invites you to revise all your classics. Think you know the hardships hidden within this huge building? It’s up to you by answering our quiz below. At your pencil, get set… we flip the clepsydra and let’s go!