as A wildlife photographer, has a rare baby zebra can be spotted. With dots in place of slashes. And that is to provide less and less protection.

the wildlife photographer Antony Tira spotted the spotted zebra in the Masai Mara National Reserve park in Kenya. There it was hoped that he really had to shoot, but suddenly ducked as a herd of zebras on it. The photographer thought at first that it was a completely different dierensoort it was. “I thought, ” that is, someone that the animal had been caught in a different color paint to make it recognizable, to make up for it when it was going to be exploring.”

Photo: AFP) Photo: AFP

According to the vets, suffering from the baby zebra now Tira is hot, the photographer, to pseudomelanisme . So says the biologist Ren Larison. “Zebra’s have stripes due to the special skin cells melanocytes are called. They bring out the pigment, melanin, in the hair. The hair with a melanin in the black, that is, without the keep white. However, sometimes, the system stores a tilt, and that makes the body structure, no lines, then we speak of the pseudomelanisme.”

as elsewhere in the world, a zebra with a melanin problem. Most recently, in Tanzania, a blonde and zebra can be spotted.

Scientists fear for the baby, Tira. It is true that stripes and zebras are more protected from blood sucking insects, and therefore insect bites, etc. Their teeth would be insects and to confuse and deter. Baby Tira will lose that advantage.

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