Direct flight, it is normally forbidden – Why 98 Rabbi to Argentina flew in nThe meat industry was an important economic factor in Argentina. A Rabbi should help to bring the meat faster to the customers in Israel.Alexandra Föderl-Schmid2 Kommentare2Argentinien hopes to deliver soon meat again to Israel. To do this, it must be first certified as kosher.Photo:

It was a very special flight that was expected to be at the destination already eagerly. “We celebrate that we managed to accelerate the arrival of the Rabbi,” said the Argentine Minister Felipe Solá outside in Buenos Aires after the landing of El Al flight from Tel Aviv. On Board the Charter flight exclusively for rabbis, 98 were as a whole.

you have an important task: 15’500 tons of meat was waiting, last weekend, piling up since the onset of the Corona-crisis in the Argentine cooling houses. The beef, which were valued at approximately one hundred million dollars, is actually intended for Export to Israel. But it is a Hechscher, a Kosher-stamp is missing.

This certificate States that the products have been approved in compliance with the Jewish law, Halakhah, made in accordance with the dietary laws, the kashrut, for use and consumption. Without this Kosher stamp no food in the direction of Israel should be sent – not meat from Argentina.

Although Argentina has a quarter of a million members is the largest Jewish community in South America, there are a few rabbis on the spot, with this special knowledge, and Kosher can distribute stamps. In addition, the quantities are too large: Approximately 24’000 tons of beef Argentina exported every year to Israel.

meat is eagerly

so Far traveled to up to 15 rabbis from Israel twice a year to keep the Checks. But since the outbreak of the Corona-crisis, foreigners will be denied entry, so that the Rabbi could no longer take the spring strip. In addition, all died tragically, the father and the son Yabra, two of the Kosher certification, involved in the Argentine rabbis. Since the 20. March, must still compete with all the still left to the country, a two-week quarantine after their entry.

But for the 98 Rabbi, an exception was made: they were brought to the sites after landing, the quickest way to get in six production and storage, to be able to immediately do the work. This is because Israel is eagerly waiting for the supply of meat from Argentina. The inventories are nearly depleted.

in Addition, Argentina is looking to increase due to Corona in the affected economy, and meat is an important product. Argentina is the fifth-largest meat exporter in the world, and Israel is the third most important customer is. The beef export to Israel will this year have a total value of $ 170 million.

Only the second exception

to get To the Rabbi as quickly as possible into the country, was Argentina even willing to clear diplomatic hurdles out of the way. Actually, direct flights to and from Israel are prohibited for 60 years. Because in may 1960, the former SS was kidnapped-obersturmbannführer Adolf Eichmann by Mossad agents in Buenos Aires and on Board an El-Al flight to Israel. For a state visit of the head of government Benjamin Netanyahu in 2017, an exception was made – for the second Time for the Rabbi to meat inspection.

On the way back towards Tel Aviv for the flight EY047 even wrote history: For the first Time, the Israel enemy state of Sudan, issued an El Al machine for a overflight permit.

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