Purchasing power and back to school: 6 bad news for your wallet


A bitter comeback. August is coming to an end soon. With her, it’s autumn approaching, the return of the cold, but also and above all, the start of the new school year which is fast approaching. Families are therefore preparing to return to work or school like every year.

However, this year, nothing is the same. The start of the new school year seems more uncertain with inflation which continues to increase and eat away at the purchasing power of the French. In July, INSEE estimated the rise in prices at 6.1% over one year.

However, certain everyday products are particularly affected. Indeed, our colleagues from RTL have studied the increase in the price of a basket of 13 everyday food products such as sugar, pasta and cereals.

Thus, if in February this basket was worth 23.84 euros, in July its price was 28.16 euros, an increase of 18%. Even private labels are affected by high inflation since, in this basket, they have experienced a 20% increase since October, compared to 15% for the rest.

This situation weighs heavily on the daily lives and the morale of the French people as they prepare to start a new year of work. We will have to tighten our belts for some time yet since several experts believe that the peak of inflation has not yet been reached.

“Honestly, I don’t think we’re at the peak yet. We can clearly see that there are still price increases, renegotiations between manufacturers and distributors that haven’t passed. I wouldn’t be surprised if we cross the 7% bar, we will perhaps reach 10%,” said Yves Puget, Editorial Director of LSA magazine, on RMC.

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