The E. Leclerc brand is very dear to the French. In 2022, it tops the annual study conducted by EY-Parthenon dedicated to the brands preferred by French residents with regard to the general food sector. In the space of a year, she managed to increase her fan rate by 1.4% to reach 24.8%.

Among the thousands of products on sale in the 721 stores in France and in the 85 E. Leclerc points of sale internationally, it sometimes happens that some are subject to a recall procedure.

In the slideshow below, find 6 recalled items, marketed in E.Leclerc stores.

Check your closets to see if you have one of these. If so, there is still time to bring them back to your point of sale.

These products are not all recalled for the same reasons. Here are the different causes of these procedures:

This last reason is at the origin of the withdrawal of the sale of three of the six products concerned. To take no risk, it is advisable not to consume the products, to throw them away or to bring them back to your point of sale to request a refund.