Fuels, retirement, unemployment: what will change on September 1, 2022


A symbol of the start of the new school year for many, September 1, 2022 also marks many changes in the lives of French people. A brief overview of the new measures, whether for schoolchildren, working people or retirees…

On September 1, the pre-entry will take place for teachers, followed the next day by that of students. It will be possible to apply for a scholarship if your child enters college, an aid which may be added to the exceptional start-up bonus paid to the households in mid-September. It should also be noted that students benefiting from a scholarship will benefit from a 4% increase on the latter.

On the professional side, the big news concerns meal vouchers, the conditions of use of which have been relaxed under the purchasing power law. From September 1, it will be possible to use them to buy any type of food. Their ceiling has also been raised from 19 to 25 euros.

In addition, you could be surprised when you receive your September pay, since the withholding tax rate will have been modified according to your income received in 2020.

Pensioners were expecting it in August 2022: the 4% increase in pensions was a little late and will be effective in September. Fortunately, it will be retroactive to July 1st.

Bad news for employees on partial unemployment, who see their compensation go from 70% to 60% of their gross salary. From September 1, even actors in the sectors affected by the crisis, hitherto protected, will be affected.

On the practical side, motorists will be somewhat relieved when refueling, because the fuel discount goes from 18 cents to 30 cents. This state aid will be maintained until October 31, 2022. Despite the electricity price shield, the energy bill will be more expensive, with an increase in regulated gas prices estimated at nearly 9%.

Finally, series fans will deplore the change in the price of the Amazon Prime subscription, which increases by 43%. It amounts to 49 euros to 69.90 euros per year and is subject to modifications concerning the Pass Ligue 1.

Planet.fr invites you to discover the main measures that will impact the daily lives of French people on September 1, 2022.