Blocked rents for thermal colanders: what changes this August 24


As announced with the Climate and Resilience law of August 24, 2021, rents for accommodation rated F or G on the DPE (energy performance diagnosis) will be blocked from Wednesday August 24, 2022. The objective of this measure is to bring owners to renovate their homes, in order to gradually reduce the number of “energy sieves”.

On the site of the French administration, it is thus specified that this next measure “concerns new rental contracts, and contracts in progress, renewed or tacitly renewed, for which no increase can be applied”. This restriction applies to both furnished and unfurnished apartments. According to figures from the National Observatory for Energy Renovation (ONRE), this blockage could thus concern 2 million rental housing units in the private and social housing stock, i.e. 15.92% of the total.

In total, as of January 1, 2022, their study counted 7.2 million dwellings rated F or G over the entire stock (37 million dwellings), with 5.2 million main residences (17% of the stock), 1 .2 million second homes (32% of the stock) and 0.8 million vacant homes (27% of the stock). These energy strainers are the most numerous in Burgundy Franche-Comté and in Center Val-de-Loire.

In addition, by January 2023, the more than 900,000 homes rated above G, i.e. consumption of more than 450 kWh per square meter in one year, will be prohibited from renting. They will be followed by housing rated G in 2025, then by housing classified F in 2028, and finally by housing classified E in 2030. Various constraints will also be added to owners, such as the obligation to carry out an energy audit. on sale from April 2023.

For the owners concerned, the only way to escape these restrictions is to improve the ECD rating of their home through renovation work. Various systems have thus been put in place by the State to facilitate the financing of these renovations under certain conditions, such as “MaPrimeRĂ©nov” or the zero-rate eco-loan, which is available until December 31, 2023.