Real estate: what is the price of a house in one of the most pleasant cities in France?


Whether we are thinking of buying a house or continuing to rent an apartment, paying for housing is not cheap. According to a 2018 INSEE study, 26% of the French household budget would be allocated to the home. That is a 15% increase since 2000.

Depending on the location, the value of a home varies considerably. At the head of the most expensive cities in France stands Paris. According to FranceInfo, renting a 4-room apartment would cost €3,378 per month, while in a city like Perpignan or Limoges, the rent would be €900.

In addition, on purchase, the price per square meter in the capital would be up to 11,591 euros, according to France Bleu. Next comes in second place Boulogne-Billancourt, in Hauts-de-Seine, with 9,524 euros per square meter and Montreuil-sous-Bois, in Seine-Saint-Denis, with 6,721 euros per square meter.

The cause of these high rents? In 2021, there was a surge in Parisian prices: 8.5% in one year.

Want to move, but don’t know where to go? Planet has produced a price guide for you in the “10 most pleasant cities in France”, according to the ranking of the real estate company Nexity. Find the price of a house or an apartment in each of the cities in our slideshow. The data presented comes from the barometer of the Immobilier.Notaires site which indicates the median price per square meter for a dwelling in the area.

This ranking of the most pleasant cities reveals that behind the big cities such as Paris, Lyon or Bordeaux, it is the medium-sized cities that have the coast. Indeed, the quality of life in these towns is very attractive to the French…