Every year, we look forward to them: the baccalaureate pearls. As usual, some border on the ridiculous, others deserve more attention, because there are candidates with amazing imaginations. Let’s take a tour of the pearls of the bac seen in previous years, to find in full by clicking on this following link.

– “As long as Apple continues to produce iPhones, the desire will remain unlimited”.

-“It would be easy to admit that the desire is unlimited when a girl watches a movie with actor Ryan Gosling. I will explain this phenomenon in the next paragraph”.

-“Not having a career is still the best way to succeed”, said François Hollande in a speech. I think this is a philosophical quote suited to our problem.

– “Is a football player who earns 20 million a year for running in shorts and kicking a ball considered a worker? Is he happy while unemployment explodes?”

– “Making history is good. But you still have to do something grandiose, like Sarkozy going to lunch at Fouquet’s”.

– “If the United Kingdom votes ‘yes’ to Brexit, it will be positive for France. It will mean one less team for Euro 2016”.

-“The written press developed in France at the end of the 19th century thanks to the invention of the printing press”.

-“When Charles de Gaulle was on television, he wore his hair properly, he dressed very classily and he used a very beautiful voice”.

-“These writers are all of quality. The quality of their writings is undeniable, the proof, if the subject asks us “what are the qualities” of these writers, it is good that they have them in a certain way”.