Who hasn’t grumbled when they found out where they were sitting on the train? Stuck against the window when we prefer the hallway, in the “family” space when we dream of a bit of calm, squeezed into a square for long hours of travel… We know, we’ve been through over there too. When you book your train ticket, you can choose your seat yourself or let the site decide for you, with your preferences, depending on the seats still available.

On Twitter, an SNCF train driver shared his techniques for choosing THE best seat on the train. Here are his tips, to be sure not to make a mistake on his next trip.

Thanks to all these professional tips, you won’t be able to complain about your seat the next time you take the train! Be careful, a TER, an Intercit├ęs and a TGV do not have the same configurations, you could be disappointed by installing yourself in one or the other. Air conditioning, window or aisle, direction of travel… Above all, choose what suits you and, as this driver explains, if there is a problem in your seat, such as a broken or dirty seat, you can ask the controller to change your place.