A new plot ends in the Caribbean. This Friday, June 30, the last episode of the fourth season of Criminal Tropics is broadcast on France 2. Carried by the emblematic duo Sonia Rolland and Béatrice de la Boulaye, the series continues to hit audiences with an average of 4.5 million viewers. faithful.

Faced with such popularity, the channel has signed for a season 5 currently filming since April 2023 in Martinique. What will viewers discover in upcoming episodes? What will happen to heroines Mélissa Sainte-Rose and Gaëlle Crivelli as their adventures continue? We reveal the first indiscretions to you.

For the actress Béatrice de la Boulaye, “she’s going to be great!”, She exclaims to Télé 7 Jours. “I am amazed by the work of the authors, who still manage to surprise us, by creating breathtaking intrigues on new social subjects”. As for her character, Captain Crivelli, “she will get closer to her partner…”.

This fifth season will also welcome many guests. “Private stories will also hold surprises, because Firmine Richard joins the cast in the role of Mélissa’s grandmother”, tells Sonia Rolland’s partner to our colleagues. Among the personalities invited to the filming of the fifth season, actor Jean-Baptiste Shelmerdine and artist Ralph Beaubrun were seen in Martinique.

Indeed, Sonia Rolland and Béatrice de la Boulaye shared the first images of the shooting on social networks. The opportunity to take Internet users on a journey through the beautiful scenery of the Martinican island. “It’s obviously an absolutely sublime island. If only the road to work, it’s very pleasant”, admitted the comrade of the former beauty queen, interviewed by Sud Radio in 2022.

“Afterwards, it’s big days: we get up at 5:30 a.m. and we finish at 6 p.m. But in any case, it’s a very warm and very family shoot”. Here are some images from Season 5 of Criminal Tropics in our slideshow.