A duo that left its mark on the PAF in the 2000s. At that time, Pascal Bataille and Laurent Fontaine hosted Y a que la vrai qui compte! A flagship program that brought together up to four million viewers in front of their screens every Monday evening on TF1.

The faithful of the small screen obviously remember these moments of emotion, reunions and explanations which made the French vibrate. Behind the famous large curtain, two individuals were seated and saw each other through interposed screens. Highlights under the watchful eye of Pascal Bataille and Laurent Fontaine, present at their side for this highly anticipated meeting.

During five of the antenna, the animators have in particular witnessed moving sequences such as declarations of love and marriage proposals. Enough to put butterflies in the stomachs of fans of the program, twenty more after its broadcast. You should know that during the health crisis, many confined people fell back into nostalgia for their suspended moments by watching extracts from programs available on YouTube. Faced with the craze for the phenomenon, the presenters took to the air again by telling the most beautiful stories of There is only the truth that counts since September 2022 on C8.

But, who shared their life during all these years of glory and success? According to Here, host Pascal Bataille is married to his wife Adra and is the father of four children. As for Laurent Fontaine, he was married for nearly 10 years with his wife Niki Fontaine. From their union were born their two children Lara (in 1995) and Milo (in 1997) before their separation in 2001. Since that time, he would share the life of the stylist Isabelle Pesah with their twins Joy and Tamara (born in 2004).

If the two animators have known the joys of celebrity by animating several shows on the small screen, Pascal Bataille and Laurent Fontaine have also experienced conflicts. Friends for more than 30 years, they have gone through both successes and failures. Before being cold for several years because of politics.

In 2017, Laurent Fontaine took part in the presidential campaign by becoming a coach for Emmanuel Macron’s party, En Marche (now Renaissance). A political rapprochement that was not to the taste of his ex-acolyte. “Laurent does what he wants and I totally respect him. But a lot of people continue to associate us, even to confuse us… And, I don’t want to be associated with all that”, declared Pascal Bataille for Télé Loisirs. Despite their long friendship, the host nevertheless relativized. “It was an annoyance, but we don’t throw away thirty years of friendship for political differences, especially since we’ve always been at each other’s throats since 1983, we argue about a lot of subjects,” he said. opposite Eric Dussart in the Radars podcast for RTL.

Interviewed in 2020 by the RTL journalist, Laurent Fontaine explained in turn the reasons for their dispute. “We haven’t seen each other less for three, four years, for reasons that are very much linked to politics, and geographical distance. I supported the current president when he was campaigning in 2016. Pascal was very violent , in my opinion …”, admitted the accomplice of Pascal Bataille. “I have a communication agency with my partner Valérie Douillet and moreover, in this agency, we accompanied the spokespersons of the candidate; the candidate Macron, never”.

At the start of the 2022 school year, Pascal Bataille and Laurent Fontaine met to remember the most beautiful sequences of their show, broadcast today on C8. Before knowing if a new format could return to the air, the two animators were less present on the air than in the 2000s. The opportunity for them to find new vocations in their careers.

“Pascal is very Bordeaux. My life is between Paris and the Maghreb since the mother of my daughters is Moroccan. At one time, I was going up to 10 days a month in Morocco”, explained Laurent Fontaine to Télé Star in last August. “If I’m doing TV again, it’s not because I asked for it. I’m in TPMP People when I’m called”, specifies this manager of a communication agency.

As for Pascal Bataille, the latter has been much more discreet in the media. “I miss the radio more”, confides to our colleagues the one who turned to tourism. “Among other things, I take care of my hotel-restaurant in Cap-Ferret”.