The Man of Our Lives (M6): this sad personal story that inspired fiction


“What if the man you love isn’t who you think you are?” A troubling question that M6 asks its viewers this Thursday, November 24 with its new soap opera The Man of Our Lives. Split into four episodes of 52 minutes each, the mini-fiction is carried by a cast of prestigious actors.

In this breathtaking thriller, Jonathan Zaccaï plays Guillaume Bressac, a mysterious impostor with multiple identities playing with the feelings of women to extract money. Among his victims are the actresses Odile Vuillemin, Helena Noguerra, Flore Bonaventura and Élodie Frégé. Four scorned and deceived heroines who join forces to bring this “arnacoeur” to justice.

At the origin of the soap opera directed by Frédéric Berthe, The Man of Our Lives was born from the initiative of Amaury Fournial who co-produced the series with the actor Dominique Farrugia (at the head of Shine Fiction). An idea that goes back several years before, after a similar misadventure happened to one of his relatives. “At the end of 2018, beginning of 2019, one of my friends was the victim of a guy like that”, says the producer president of Sibaro Films for Planet.

A personal story linked at the same time to a media affair. “By chance, there was at the same time a very resounding trial in the United States with Derek Alldred, sentenced to 24 years in prison (after having defrauded around thirty conquests, editor’s note)”, confides the one who was interested in the stories famous imposters like Christophe Rocancourt and Jacques Masset.

Touched by the personal story of his friend, Amaury Fournial explains to us that she was going through a divorce, thus making her vulnerable. “When you reach the middle of life between 40 and 45 years old, you can seem strong when you are very fragile. It’s a time when people are quite vulnerable. […]. It destabilizes you a lot”. It is then that the usurper interferes in the life of his victim, being “nice with you”.

For Amaury Fournial, “what is touching is to see the psychological state in which a person you had thought until now was still very strong”. And, to tell us about her friend. “I had never seen her like that, I did not understand what she was going through”. If the young woman did not join forces with other victims (like the heroines of M6), she overcame this ordeal well surrounded by her loved ones. “She’s a girl of character, she recovered quite quickly. But this is not the case for other victims”, tells us the co-producer.

From this personal story inspired on screen, Amaury Fournial also wishes to highlight the common history of his women who are victims of dishonest seducers. “Looking at these stories, what interested me was the common point that they all had. These are the stories that we wanted to deal with, namely sorority”. The fight of our heroines is to follow this Thursday evening on M6.

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