After the death of George Floyd – US protest wave of strong Echo, the British found thousands of demonstrators have gathered on the weekend in the centre of London and also in many other large cities to protest against police violence and racism.Peter Nonnenmacher, London0 KommentareEin Graffiti next to this road sign intends, in London, George Floyd.Photo: Keystone/Yui Mok/PA via AP

A flood of passionate rallies has the across the Atlantic sloped Anti-racism protest wave in the UK at the time. Tens of thousands of protesters marched through the streets of British cities to defend themselves against “widespread racism” in their own country.

on Saturday, had many thousand Britons under the Motto “Black Lives Matter” in London, found in front of the Parliament, but also in many other large cities. While most of the protests passed without incident, attacked a smaller group of activists at the entrance to Downing Street, the established police. 27 officers were injured impacts in the following Together. A police officer suffered a serious head injury when she fell in the Chaos in a traffic light, riding, and horse. London mayor Sadiq Khan accused the “tiny minority” of violent protesters, to have the “common cause” harm.

Madonna joined protests

participated in protests participants who demonstrated peacefully, assured the Labour politician that he was soldarisch on your page: “I share your anger and your pain.” The protests in London, Madonna and football star Rio Ferdinand joined. And in his home town of Watford champion Anthony Joshua volunteered on a Demo Box-heavy weight to a word.

the Bishop of Dover, Rose Hudson-Wilkin, saw a clear “need” for protests. Also racism is to kill people, said the first black Bishop of the English Church: “Unfortunately, the world pays us no attention when we rise.”

Kingdom of “not innocent”

On Sunday it came again in many places, to rallies. Thousands of protesters gathered in front of the US Embassy building on the river Thames. And great numbers of people came together in Manchester, Nottingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, the old slavery port of Bristol and in other cities.

Protesters in front of the US Embassy in London. Photo: Keystone/Frank Augstein/AP

On their posters, the Demo participants did their Belief manifest, that the United Kingdom is at least “innocent”, where it is about police violence against the black population. A whole series of cases in which black British arrived in arrests or in police custody died, have led in recent years to outrage.

“I can not breathe”

street riots in London, as police in the year 2011 in Tottenham, a suspect of 29-Year-old named Mark Duggan shot dead. In 2016, the former Aston Villa footballer, Dalian Atkinson, when he was held in Telford by police with a Taser-gun shot had died.

The following year, the 20-year-old London-based Rashan Charles, the had seized police officers died, shortness of breath and heart failure. And just last week, a public inquiry was announced the death of Sheku Bayohs who died in 2015 in Kirkcaldy in Scotland in the police custody. Also Sheku said now his sister Kadi, have at the end of “I can’t call to breathe” out. Be the same George Floyd in the United States on the hair.

“Pride” on protesters

Many of the demonstrations reported at the weekend that in the British metropolis stopped black citizens much more often by the police and arrests much harder would be dealt with as white. Generally speaking, there is in British society – from schools to workplaces – racism of all kinds.

labour’s foreign Affairs spokesperson Lisa Nandy, the daughter of an Indian father, was “proud” of the protesters, who wanted to no longer be silent, and now “real change” required. She urged the protests Involved, of course, also, at their meetings, “caution”, and to go the necessary distance to each other.

Already, health Minister Matt Hancock and the interior Minister Priti Patel had appealed to the demonstrators, protesting in the middle of the Coronavirus crisis, prefer to call off. Who of mass protests, plug in, warned Hancock, the only risk of new Infections in the current Situation.

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