Cuddly price at the time of Petkovic and co. – Why was the Association’s top at the kick-off so close?The coach says: “If I’m not home, I wear a mask.” Except when Cupspiel on Sunday in Lausanne. Even otherwise, the distance control seemed to be rather lax designed. Pierluigi Tami, Dominique Blanc, Oscar Tosato, Vladimir Petkovic, and Bernard Challandes (from left to right): A free seat, but no two meters between the high lords in the Swiss football.Photo: Screenshot of the RTS

national coach Vladimir Petkovic declared on the weekend in an Interview with the “Sunday newspaper” : “It’s always about respect. In front of the others, before the Virus. I stay home, and if I’m not home, I’m wearing a mask. I do it to protect me and the others.”

the Same Petkovic then sits on this Sunday, also in Lausanne against Basel (2:3 after extra time) in the stadium to watch the first serious battle in the Swiss football for over three months. A mask he is wearing. And also the recommended distance from the protection concept of the Swiss Football League is more than exceeded. A seat is between national team Director Pierluigi Tami and Lausanne city councillor Oscar Tosato, as well as in the bottom row SFV-President Dominique Blanc and Petkovic. But two meters should be 200 centimeters.

Only Bernard Challandes, the Swiss coach of Kosovo’s national team, looks on from a safe distance behind.

Dominique Blanc and Vladimir Petkovic come close in the conversation – at the bottom of the railings in the distance, hanging the rules of the BAG in French.Photo: Keystone

It is like a small Corona-misconduct be hardly worth talking about, especially when on the same day in Zurich, thousands of people maskenlos demonstrate and the players on the field is inevitable anyway exchange bodily fluids. But Petkovic has said in the “Sunday paper” self, what he appreciated in the work of the Federal Council during the state of emergency. And what he would take for his Job: “the importance of a leader figure. How important it is that someone has a Vision. He always has a line, and not from one Moment to the other deviates from it.”

the proximity of The highest football officials is discussed the next day in social media. “Le Matin” – quoted smugly, a quip that is attributed to the Apostle Matthias to: “do what I tell you. But it’s not doing what I’m doing.”

The SFV can tell you that Lausanne as a club and not he as an Association for the organization of the game, and thus the enforcement of the hygiene concept had been responsible. The seats were marked with name, Petkovic and co. would have held at any time in it.