New Graffiti in Wales: Christmas greetings from Banksy


The enigmatic street artist Banksy has left with a winter Graffiti a thoughtful Christmas message on a garage wall in Wales. To see a little Boy with a sled, the fields flakes with outstretched arms and a protruding tongue supposed to snow. If you look around the corner, it is clear that it is not snow, but a rain of ash from a burning Container, trickles down to the young.

the latest Banksy works on the protruding corner of a Garage in the Welsh industrial town of Port Talbot in Wales showed up. There, the largest steel plant in the UK. On his Instagram Account posted the artists a Video to see where the Graffiti is. Was commenting on the post with “Season’s Greetings” – “Merry Christmas”. Below is the Video with the children’s song “Little Snowflake” (literally: Small snowflake).

Banksy’s identity is still mystery. It is known that he comes from Bristol and in the late 90s to London came. He made a name for himself with his socio-critical and usually controversial subjects. His art is always criticized war, fascism, and excessive consumption behavior. In October, the artist had arranged with the auction of his works caused a stir: The image “Girl with a Balloon” destroyed shortly after its sale for the equivalent of almost 1.2 million euros.