Beware of lightning, thunder and rain. This Tuesday, July 19 will be placed under the sign of black clouds and rumbling thunder, just after a scorching Monday when 15 departments on the Atlantic coast were on red alert. In addition, on Monday, the maximum temperatures were around 39 degrees in Nantes or 38 in Tarbes, according to Météo France.

However, the day tomorrow seems less hot. “The atmosphere becomes much more breathable on the western side of the country, the temperatures are down sharply with maximums between 21 and 26 degrees from Finistère to Charente-Maritime, 26 and 31 from the rest of Brittany to Aquitaine” , indicates Météo France in its weather report of July 18, 2022.

And now, after extreme heat, the weather is overcast. Here comes the time of storms and hail. On the evening of Tuesday July 19, thunderstorms and hailstorms were announced by Météo France meteorologists. Relatively probable forecasts that can be further specified.

In the event of a storm alert, the M6 ​​weather site recommends not to travel on foot, by car or on two wheels because of possible falling trees. He also advises putting away items that could fly away. Precautionary measures to be taken in the departments concerned by these forecasts. However, no less than 36 departments will be hit by thunderstorms this Tuesday evening, July 19. Find out in our slideshow if your department is concerned.