Search for Proximus topvrouw Dominique Leroy


as for The Brussels public prosecutor has the Thursday morning with a search warrant, carried out by Proximus topvrouw Dominique Leroy. Reports that the weekly magazine Knack and the will of our support team will be confirmed.

According to the living memory in the context of a criminal investigation, mrs. Leroy today and several visits to the home took place”. The public prosecutor’s office said that visits to the home, but it does not detail details about the investigation and could not confirm or Oil were questioned, it was.

finally, It is confirmed that there will be a law enforcement investigation runs up against the Ls and in a number of locations, visits to the home were made.

Dominique Leroy, was announced in early september that they would have resigned as the CEO of the Network. They are at the beginning of the next year to work as a topvrouw in the Dutch telecoms company, KPN. They would have till the 1st of december to resign, but only after the spontaneous strike action in the Proxius has decided she’s been on the 20th of september to leave the company.

a Few days after the Oil in her resignation announcement, was already out of the beurswaakhond (FSMA), an investigation was opened to Ation topvrouw. Oil has a month before her departure, a parcel of shares offered by Proximus to the value of 285.000 euros were sold. To avoid that investigates whether or not there is a case of insider trading. This is a standard procedure. It is not clear whether the visits to the home of today are connected with it.

Executives at publicly traded companies have to comply with in order to make their stock market transactions, to notify, as soon as the total amount in a calendar year, with up to 5,000 euros. To avoid that the transactions are then open to the public.

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