The administrative procedures are often numerous and require a lot of supporting documents. If you are retired, it may be necessary to send a pension slip to a specific organization. Whether it is to prove the amount of your monthly pension for the rental of accommodation, to take out a loan or even to provide you with security to help your children, you may be asked for proof. How do I receive a monthly pension slip in order to meet these obligations?

At present, it is no longer automatic to receive your pension slip each month. Indeed, these pension statements are no longer centralized anywhere and no longer appear on the Info Retraite site. Although it lists most of the information in your file, it does not necessarily contain your pension slips. To find them, it is better to focus on the websites of your pension plans, which can be useful to you by providing you with the necessary supporting documents. You can also consult the history of your payments on the Info Retraite site, all plans combined.

On Info Retraite, you can also download payment certificates, which indicate the gross and net amount of all your pensions, as well as tax certificates for your tax return. However, publishing a monthly pension bulletin cannot be made compulsory: each pension fund has its own practices and there are no general rules on this issue. In any case, no fund sends a monthly paper bulletin. To consult it, you will have to go to your personal retirement account in order to edit the supporting documents or request them by telephone from your fund.