Because the apartment was smaller than in the purchase contract, awarded by the higher regional court of Stuttgart to the buyers of 18,000 euros in damages. The defendant is the son of the owner had advertised the apartment in the Stuttgart area, first of all, with 98 square meters, as the court announced on Thursday. Later he had corrected the size to 89 square meters – in fact, the apartment was only about 78 square meters.

“he Who makes without concrete indications of information about the apartment size in the blue, and his uncertainty about it is not revealed, is culpable, and influenced behavior as a result, the purchase”, it was said to the grounds for the judgment. Therefore, the plaintiff could demand a so – called trust damage-so the amount you have purchased the apartment to expensive.

With the on Thursday announced the judgment of the higher regional court confirmed a decision of the land court of Stuttgart. The defendant’s son was failed with an appeal, a Revision is not approved.