Created in 1982, the Fête de la Musique takes place every June 21. An unmissable event, during which many concerts, often free, are organized and punctuated by musicians, in performance halls, in restaurants or even just on the street.

“The music will be everywhere and the concert nowhere!”, Formulated Maurice Fleuret in 1981, appointed director of music and dance by Jack Lang, Minister of Culture at the time. A year later, a survey by the Ministry of Culture revealed that five million people, including one in two young people, play a musical instrument.

Only, at the time, few French people were enthusiastic about these musical events. However, the idea of ​​a great musical event will form. The objective is simple: to put more or less well-known musicians on the front of the stage. The first music festival will finally see the light of day on June 21, 1982, coinciding with the summer solstice, the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere.

Before the first event, doubts arise as to the enthusiasm of the French around this festival celebrating music for a day. On D-Day, thousands of musicians settle in the four corners of France, whether in the street or in bars, until the end of the night. Finally, the Music Festival is a real success. Three years later, our European neighbors will try to imitate us, especially during the European Year of Music. In 1997, a charter was signed in Hungary, in Budapest. This establishes “The European Music Festival”, which allows other European countries to join the Music Festival. Now, more than 120 countries are participating in this joyful musical celebration around the world.

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