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each time, it was Felt somehow at Cebit (or at least this is the impression that in the case of TIME ONLINE): Some jobbten some of them were already assigned to the school as hostesses, orders, some helped at the Snack bar, some reported the one of the biggest computer Messe in the world. From this time, many memories have remained. For the Cebit, TIME tell ONLINE employees of their experiences.

spectre status service

In the nineties, the fright was the Ghost of the Cebit: the state service. This meant that people’s stated, what the company made, how much the services or the product cost, and why all of this is very important. Someone said that he went to Cebit, you asked: “And? Did you service?”

Why was such a basic question, it became clear to me as I was in there one day, a fellow Hacker on the Stand of his company found – in Tie and collar. I knew him up until then, only in Jeans and a T-Shirt. The picture has impressed me so much that I have to even think today, more than 20 years later, always remember, when he met me. Tom Lazar, engineering staff

First, they mined, they showed photos of their children

Ten years, I have been to fairs as a Hostess and worked. I was at the Anuga, photokina, drupa. They were all great. On the Cebit. They had the best parties. It was about the future, the spirit of optimism was in the evening felt.

in The beginning, I was 16 years old, the other hostesses similar to young. We cooked coffee, products presented, stood smiling next to Fax machines, lavierten us with holiday Italian school French through the negotiations. Better than the Indians, the Canadians or the Americans, for which we worked, we talked all. Maybe I called my activity at that time, therefore, prefer a Translator as a Hostess.

I loved the Cebit. We have fantastic paid and very well treated. In the evening invited us to dinner. The powers relationship between middle-aged business people and very young hostesses kind of problematic could be the one that dawned on me only later. As long as it lasted, I felt took me seriously and treated well. The Canadians dug a also never. But it was different for the Germans. The first day on the Stand with the trade representatives were mostly a little exhausting. Just the one that had little to do, hanging out with the hostesses and gifts with business deals. From the third day, that all changed. They had realized that there was nothing to pick. Then they began to show pictures of their own children.

at some point, the hostesses were banned at the Cebit. Unfortunately. If you ask me, it is Not the industry, but this ban is on the decline in the fair debt. Judith Luig, editor in the Department of group politics, the economy and society

Each of the Cebit taken

I was as a little Boy on the first Cebit with my father (when it was still a hall at the Hanover fair was) and since then, every year, for more than 20 years, and later as a Journalist. Jochen Wegner, editor-in-chief of Zeit ONLINE

traffic chaos caused As the Cebit

On the Cebit, I never was, but nevertheless, it is to me wonderfully familiar – from the transport news: I was sitting in the far East Friesland, met for Abiklausuren and listened to the Radio ffn. Year there was reported on the traffic chaos in Hannover. Especially the word “Messeschnellweg” for me, it stuck. What moved mistaken for an logistics Cebit: A four-lane road was regularly in the morning and in the evening in a gigantic one-way street turns.

I painted me in the most colorful fantasies of what that meant, if again the fair was the Express route converted to a one-way street. Like a highway, driving in the same direction. Suddenly, you could be the kind of Ghost rider, officially. No idea when the last Time is happened. I fear: not because of the Cebit. Marlies Uken, Deputy head of the resort group policy, the economy and society