Officially, he will take Thursday night, for the first time to the general public. But we’ll show him, right now. The lights, jump in to the most eye-catching feature. For the rest, take the Volkswagen is not big risks with the design of the new Golf 8 will matter. What is good to sell, you can change it is best not to be too bright. Nevertheless, it is not on the market. Because of the large changes are found to be in the car with a new dashboard, a high-ranking touch screen, for example. The carriage is also more and more digital now than ever before.

The exterior is a little different than the previous models. These are particularly sharp designed headlight for them. But, the front grill, in the middle of the VW logo, it’s a lot smaller now. The onderbumper is increased, with noticeable lugs for a sporty, GTI-like look and feel. Also, on the back of the light, the first thing you’ll notice. The shape of the car, for the engineers, not much has changed. The Golf will need the Golf to stay, what it sounds like.

There will be no all-electric Golf is an 8 – this is the perfect ID.3 has been created. Volkswagen hopes to be, and is, quite simply, is that in the eighth generation of the Golf, a winner is.

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The Golf has been around since 1974, with the Wave 1 , is a successful model. The step from the Beetle to this sharp model was revolutionary at the time. The change of an air-cooled engine in the rear for a water-cooled engine in the front made it a whole new appearance as possible. In 1976, it was the FIRST on the market, it is absolutely top of the line. But, unfortunately, it will also be a ‘moving coffin’, because the power is under the hood. In 1979, was followed by the Golf convertible, which at the time quickly became the best-selling open car in the world.

The Wave 2 was established in 1983 and has been launched. In terms of design, the model will not be much altered, on a technical level, though. It was equipped with a catalytic converter (1984), ABS (1986), and 16-valve engines in 1987. The Golf 2 GTI was launched by the federal police also have been chosen as the dienstvoertuig for the establishment of an anti-banditismepatrouilles.

The third generation Wave 3 , was the first to have air bags in the front. Although he does not detail the form or the size of its predecessor, is received, the model was clearly visible.

In 1997, has presented Volkswagen with the Wave 4 . It was in the first Wave, with a manual 6-speed, direct-injection, ESP, and an advanced integrated satellite navigation system with colour touch screen.

With the advent of the Wave 5 in 2003 and have had many a rival in the high-middle area of the review in regards to the comfort and vitality. A year later, it was the beginning of a 200 bhp Golf with the black grille and sports seats, with the famous ruitbekleding the return of the GTI in the. A top of the line.

The Golf 6 was one of the most advanced ever made. In 2009, he was named the car of the year. In the sixth version, this one scored the maximum safety score of five stars in the euro ncap crashtest.

In 20102, it was the Wave 7 , and 7.5 (e) has been launched. The exterior has not changed much, but given the car is a lot more high-tech gadgets.

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