Facebook has operated in the last years of aggressive lobbying, to critics, to repel, to win over politicians and to discredit the competition. The company used a report from the New York Times on Thursday that right-wing news sites. The paper relies on interviews with more than 50 trusted persons, including current and former executives from Facebook, politicians and lobbyists.

In their now published report, the New York Times highlighted the cooperation of Facebook with the consulting company Definers of Public Affairs. You have ensured that on conservative news sites published articles criticizing the competitors Apple and Google and Facebook in the protection of – among other things, against the accusation of election tampering. Definers supplied in addition to journalists with information about possible financial assistance to the family of the Investor and philanthropist George Soros at the Initiative of Freedom from Facebook. You is that Facebook is broken. George Soros-supported presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, and is already for his Facebook criticism known.

Facebook commented on his company’s website to the allegations: You’ve never commissioned to Write articles in favour of Facebook. The business relationship with Definers of Public Affairs has completed Facebook according to their own data in the meantime.

The Tech group, since the US presidential election in 2016 in review: Russia is to with have to Facebook messages disseminated incorrectly influence the choice taken. In March of this year, it became known that the data analysis company Cambridge Analytica acquired the data of 87 million Facebook users illegally, and thus tried to influence U.S. voters. Finally, the platform had to admit that hackers had access to approximately 50 million user accounts.

The new report, according to Facebook’s security team already knew in the spring of 2016, the activities of Russian hackers. Instead of the attacks to admit, decided the company’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg, and CEO Sheryl Sandberg, the influences of Russia small talk. This happened towards the Public and also to the investigators of the US Senate, writes the New York Times. Facebook objected to the presentation on his website: Although you have responded too late to the Russian activities in the last two years, however, great progress in the fight against misinformation and Manipulation.

Also on incumbent politicians, Facebook is supposed to influence have taken. So, Facebook employees would have convinced the democratic Senator Chuck Schumer is through campaign donations in the Senate for the company.