Test drive – Multi-Format in the second round of the Mercedes-Benz positioned the GLA re. From the playful fun mobile an adult is a Compact SUV with more space in the interior and less lines in the Design. Thomas Geiger1 Kommentar1Erwachsener: The new Mercedes-Benz GLA 250 looks bigger and “more serious” than its successful predecessor.Photo: Mercedes-BenzDer Stuttgart-based car maker sold worldwide, over one Million GLA of the first Generation – the newcomer to connect.Mercedes-Benz brawny: The new rear makes the GLA larger than the Compact SUV.Mercedes-BenzAls 4Matic, the GLA also creates little adventure off the road.Mercedes-Benz well-known Size: The large touch screen dominates the modern Cockpit of the new Mercedes-Benz GLA 250.Mercedes-Benz1 / 5

Although it is for the practitioners under the Mercedes-Fans Yes, in the meantime, the GLB with up to seven Seats and the GLA, more than ever, the freedom of the spirit among the compact SUV would have had to have been in the Stuttgart, a rather conservative way: So you have smoothed the body and a few of the many playful lines from the sheet taken. And two inches shorter, the GLA is also become. But in all, Pepp, it’s the Practical part: that is Why the developers have stretched the wheelbase by three inches and, above all, the roof is more than ten centimeters raised. Thus, the new GLA offers significantly more headroom than before and also more space for the knee and the trunk. And to whom the 435 litres of storage space is not enough, behind the electric door, which can now move for the first time, the rear Bank. “The all-new GLA creates the perfect synergy between pure beauty and robust off-road elements,” said Daimler design chief Gorden Wagener. “As a result, we bring the dynamic SUV in the future of modern luxury.”

While the Design is fairly independently, the GLA, otherwise quite a family: The applies to the equipment with the shimmering colorful Cinemascope Cockpit, including the pioneering operating system MBUX, there is the Wellness of the functions of the Energizing-Comfort-system as well as a diverse army of assistants join now in case of emergency, even automatically in the emergency lane. “The GLA is not able to react when the driver fails to respond”, the promise of Stuttgart.

for the time being, 116 to 225 HP

And it is as expected for the drives. The include how to its big brother, the GLB in the medium term, three 2.0-Liter Diesel with 116, 150 and 190 HP and two petrol engines of 1.3 liters and 163 HP or 2.0-Liter engine and 225 HP. Good for Switzerland: All engine variants except the base models are also available with the 4Matic all-wheel drive. The now is controlled electro-mechanically instead of hydraulically, and is associated with an off-road package, with the GLA as a getaway from the everyday good and also for a smaller adventure, is prepared. Because the G in the name is for the Swabians – the square G-class in Graz, thanks to sei – an almost sacred obligation, you will be in the compact class with a special drive program, a private site setting for the intelligent LED headlights, special Info-graphs on the touch screen, and an electronic hill-descent aid.

So unexcited like the Design of the driving behavior of the GLA is. It sits a little higher than in the past, can see in all directions better and drives much quieter and more relaxed: The GLA cushions comfortable and steers gently, and the drive is much to remember, but to feel nothing. At least not in the 220d at the top of the self-igniter: Up to just before the Kickdown, the Diesel holds absolute tranquility, the 8-speed DSG transmission shifts imperceptibly, and the heading is steady, but unobtrusive. 190 HP and 400 Nm of just your work, with 7.3 seconds from 0 to 100, and there is a front.

Very stylish: The elegant air vents in the Cockpit of the new GLA.Photo: Mercedes-Benz

The everything looks confident, trustworthy and top notch. But also a little seriously. The GLA transported rather than that it would really move, heart racing, alone of the fast troop of AMG, which will bring the pulse of the GLA driver with the 306 HP in the 35 or up to 421 HP in the .45 on trips, and leaves Mercedes now. And thus the climate critics not to run storm, to terminate the Stuttgart a further variant: in the course of this summer, there is the GLA also as a Plug-in Hybrid, which is compensated with nearly 70 miles of electric range all the CO2 that you blow at AMG so freely out.

this is the change of generation is not quite: Because on the Basis of the GLA, the EQA, with the Mercedes-Benz later this year will losstromern of work. The starting price starts with the GLA 180 d with 116 HP at 43’500 Swiss francs, the cheapest petrol engine (GLA 200) with 163 HP will cost you 2200 francs. Who wants all-wheel drive, you must invest a minimum of 52’000 Swiss francs.

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