Test drive – A bit of Fun may seinBei VW revolves all around the introduction of the first electric ID-model. Therefore, and due to Corona, went forget the launch of the Open-Air version of the Compact SUV, the T-Roc is almost.Thomas Geiger2 Kommentare2SUV as a Cabriolet? What sounds obliquely, on the road, not a bad figure.Photo: VWBusiness as usual: in Front of the front of a nearly normal T-Roc. V WVon back elegant than that of the first Golf Cabriolet, which has been called by critics “the strawberry basket”.VWDas a fabric soft-top opens and closes in less than 10 seconds.VWNichts New: the Cockpit of The T-Roc convertible.VWSchont the hairstyles of the front passengers – the wind deflector.VW1 / 6

VW is an exceptional time to experiment. Because while the wolf Burger are lagging the Trend like to show you now literally open to New things and bring out in time for the start of the Open-Air season, the first compact SUV convertible will be at the Start. Where Nissan cut the Murano in the US only and the Range Rover Evoque in the first line of high-earners, has directed, to be the T-Roc convertible, with prices starting at 36’150 francs bourgeois summer freshness, and so all of those customer comfort, the cry is still the open variants of the Golf and Beetle.

For around 6750 francs, the fresh air charge, there is therefore, instead of the sheet metal roof, a fabric roof that folds in spite of its stately Size within the space of nine seconds to the rear – with up to 30 km/h. While it is otherwise in an open car in the middle of it is of it, is it in the T-Roc convertible, however, still a bit on the things – finally, the elevated Seating position of a Compact SUV for the Open-Air model. You can enjoy so continue to be the better view and not shivering quite so often in the shadow of the other.

More Fun, less space

What, however, remains a little on the track, are the practical virtues of the SUV: The trunk shrinks to one-third to 280 litres, there are only two instead of four doors, and rear passengers closer together so closely that it is sufficient for only two instead of three passengers. However, head and Knee room even in the closed convertible also for adults, and because VW has not forgotten the practitioners in whole, the wolf Burger, even the trailer hitch on the option list.

the convertible proves to be in other respects, as a surprisingly suitable for everyday use: not only the insulation of the roof is so good that you do not need to worry about Wind and weather, if the spring has a little delay. But under the tight fabric hood, it is not only cute and cuddly, but also surprisingly quiet. And for a convertible, the T-Roc also offers a surprisingly good Overview. Even without a Park beacon, and a rearview camera come with the roof closed, without any bumps through the city.

So fresh and new, the appearance of the open T-Roc is so familiar with the drive and equipment are: as a convertible, the T-Roc is, therefore, on request, with digital instruments and the always-online-connected Infotainment, the latest Generation, as well as the two petrol engines, which make the closed model legs. A choice of a 1.0-Liter three-cylinder with 115 HP or a 1.5 litre big four-cylinder with 150 HP and who viewed the model policy from VW, know that there will be the convertible and soon as the R-model with the straight for the closed Version of the 300 HP announced petrol engine initially. Although it blows a with the 150-HP variant is fresh to the ears, and finally the four-cylinder accelerates in 9.6 seconds to 100 kph. However, wind can have in a convertible, finally, is never enough. Only with the lust for adventure, it is in a convertible not so far away – and the pain is Swiss customers: The all-wheel drive, it will not be for the open T-Roc.

, so to Speak, unrivalled

While VW brings the first SUV convertible for the compact class the appearance of the will to experiment and also holds a niche in the Loyalty is elsewhere ignored. Finally, Opel and Ford have discontinued their compact convertibles as well as Peugeot, even in the case of Audi and BMW, the chances of an extension of the Open-Air season for A3 and Two rather badly, and the convertible Range Rover Evoque will also get a successor. But so completely new, the idea of open VW for the Rough is not, of course, anyway. You only have to look in the wolf Burger Chronicles, then you will find several precursors: from the Kübelwagen on the Iltis to the Biagini Passo. The T-Roc as the reconstruction of the Gulf Country to the next, like the VW-Upper but all the same, for two reasons, not suitable as a model – firstly, the reconstruction was carried out by a foreign company, and secondly, these were sold just 100 copies.

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