Game film #MeToo theme – The slave from the service of psycho-terror at the movie boss: “The Assistant” tells the story of a lowly office workers – without that, you will see the culprit. A nod to Harvey Weinstein?Hans Jürg Zinsli1 Kommentar1Allzeit retrieval: The office worker Jane (Julia Garner) in the film “The Assistant”.Photo: Ty Johnson, Bleecker Street

the light of day? Does not exist for Jane. Early in the morning, the young woman (Julia Garner) is picked up the car from the company, late at night, she bites at the Diner just of a Muffin, while she calls her father, whose birthday did you forget too much. In between, feels like 18 hours perfidester humiliation are in the office.

In her debut film “The Assistant” tells the story of the Australian Kitty Green, a modern slave that wants to work in a film production company to the top. Of course, one thinks First of all to #MeToo and Harvey Weinstein. But the Good thing about the Film is that he runs this expectation in a clever way.

It is not a stag film producer, therefore, there is not even a clearly recognizable image of the enemy, but a bad joke of the office colleagues and depressing about just working climate. The financial people in meeting rooms at random and will be cut off from the camera (Michael Latham), the heads, their conversations are limited to a murmur and murmur.

mouse grey counterpart to the movie “Bombshell”

This is implemented brilliantly, as the documentary-coming Director, tells everything Important from the submissive point of view of your main character. One hears, for example, how Jane appeased the wife of the boss and other unpleasant people over the phone. You see, picking up an earring from the floor. It has to be registered, as she cleans the stained Sofa as they arranged sexual enhancer injection and at the direction of the hotel room, evidence ignored. In addition, Jane’s screenplays must staple together (which no one reads except for you), you will distribute daily schedules to dispose of waste, and for other incidental all-time call-in dates to be ready.

So seen, is “The Assistant”, a mouse grey counterpart to “Bombshell” by Jay Roach, the high-gloss Drama about the case of the former Fox News chief Roger Ailes. The Film by Kitty Green works much better – it’s because it has been written by a woman and directed? Well, mainly it is because the strictly composed office tragedy requires very little action and almost exclusively on the face of Julia Garner (“Ozark”) is told.

The camera is consistently on the protagonist and what the systematic Terror it inflicts in her. Look at the courage of this hardly. And only once – one single Time – it is when the light of day on the road, in the adjacent house chief of staff Wilcock (Matthew Macfadyen, “Succession”) audition.

Cynical coeval: of The chief of staff (Matthew Macfadyen) in the Film “The Assistant”.Photo: Ty Johnson, Bleecker Street

This is the man Jane points out that a younger and obviously uninformed assistant was allowed to accompany the Boss to the Hotel. It was an egg dance between prosecution and shame, in the course of which the cynical chief of staff, the obvious offender, flight to the benefactor, reinterpret, and the conversation with the remark ended starts: “you’re his type.”

As Jane realizes that she can do against this toxic company culture, since you would otherwise be replaced in the blink of an eye of a younger applicant. The Only thing that happens then is that the lips of the major performances like Julia Garner in horror bend. It is the greatest sign of dismay about their existential hopelessness.

“The Assistant” runs on Amazon Prime and iTunes.

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