Geraardsbergen –

you can also Geraardsbergen, with a tafelschuimer? The police already have a man picked up, who is to pay him, and left. When the man was approached by an employee, he’s on the run.

Thursday afternoon and went to the men eating at a tavern in Geraardsbergen. He nuttigde a meal, drank a couple of beers, and wine, and processed, also have a couple of clients. Then, he left the business without a deal. An employee of the business walked up to the man’s back and spoke to him about an unpaid bill, for which the person in question to a set. The owner of the tavern, where he could finally stop. The police came to the scene and arrested the man.

The suspect, a 37-year-old man, from the One, it is well-known by the courts for similar offences. He was taken by the public prosecutor’s office of East-Flanders, belgium cited in the summary and must, at the October 14, 2019 to account before the criminal court of Oudenaarde.