Milla Jovovich hot in her debut: her sexy photos on the red carpet


In 1997, model and actress Milla Jovovich met with success thanks to her role as Leeloo in the film The Fifth Element by Luc Besson. An alchemy with the director who went beyond the professional sphere since the same year the two stars passed the ring on their finger in Las Vegas before divorcing in 2000.

“Without beating around the bush, I was 19, it was the first time I had met such an incredible man. He was such an inspiration to me, such strength, such intelligence… an immense talent with whom I spent all my days because I had become his dream”, she had declared in the columns of Gala and to add: “I had really become his Leeloo. It would have been really strange that we did not fall in love”.

After their divorce, Milla Jovovich found love for a time in the arms of producer and composer John Frusciante, with whom she remained until 2001. Since August 22, 2006, Milla Jovivich has been married to producer and screenwriter Paul W. S. Anderson with whom she had a daughter named Ever Gabo. Since then, two other children, Dashiel Eddan and Osian Lark Elliot, have arrived in their family.

The Resident Evil star declared in her Gala interview to be the “luckiest woman in the world to have met him”, she said and to continue: “I tell myself that I could not have found a better husband. and that I could not have found a better father for my daughter”. Planet invites you to discover his sublime photos at the start of his career.