A politieachtervolging in the state of Colorado on Friday in a spectacular way before. A witness was able to film how to get a car at an intersection through a red light and was riding in collided with another vehicle. The passengers were not able to turn it on, and was immediately arrested.

two of the attackers, Caleb, Miles, and Eric Macklin, was a day of gasoline have been stolen from a truck before the police are on their heels were a number of years. During their attempt to escape, there was chaos. If caused two other accidents due to their reckless driving behaviour, yet they were able to continuously escape. It was only in the third, crash, was about to change that. Some of the eye-witnesses saw the scene in front of them to happen, and tried in the meantime that you remain calm. “The Best is frightening. The police and jumps out of the car, and drove off in the vehicle, be aware of”, was one of them.

both men were already known to the police. One agent was in the accident is injured, but if the hospital early.

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