Cécile de France: what does the 47-year-old actress look like today?


On August 28, 2022, the Belgian actress Cécile de France made a remarkable appearance at the 15th edition of the Angoulême Francophone Film Festival to promote the release of the film La passagère, directed by Héloïse Pelloquet and whose release is scheduled for 14 next December. An unmissable film event that brought together many other celebrities including Julie Gayet, Sophie Marceau and Franck Dubosc.

If the star is part of the very private circle of Caesarized actresses, it was not without difficulties as she had entrusted to World in 2019. In the columns of our colleagues, she had mentioned her debut in Paris. “I took the direction of Paris to take theater lessons and I earned my living as an au pair in the very chic 16th arrondissement, me who was grunge, dressed in garbage cans and wore red hair “, she had declared and to add: “Leaving my coffee anar, I was very unhappy in this immense city. But I had a feline in the entrails”.

The actress will quickly be spotted by the agent Dominique Besnehard, current co-founder of the Angoulême Francophone Film Festival. Success films followed: The Spanish Inn, for which she received the César for best female hope and then the César for best actress in a supporting role for Russian Dolls. In 2008, Cécile de France received the Crystal Globe for best actress for Un secret.

Planet invites you to discover what the 47-year-old star looks like today.