After two months of lazing around all summer, September is the time to go back to school. A period synonymous with good resolutions where many French people want to eliminate the excesses of summer and want to practice physical activity, such as running. But, how do you start when you’re new to it or finding the best excuses to procrastinate all day on the couch?

For those of you who want to get started, progress and even set goals, Dorian Louvet has the solution. Face well known to fans of Koh-Lanta, the finalist of the 4 Lands season shone with his physical performance and his condition as an athlete. To give you motivation and the best advice for practicing this discipline, he has published Mon coach running, his first book written in collaboration with nutritionist Julien Todeschini, prefaced by host Denis Brogniart, published on September 15 by First editions. Here are his secrets for Planet.

How did you come up with the idea to write this book?

Dorian Louvet: The First publishing house was looking for a sports coach, a running enthusiast to write a book. My agent naturally suggested my profile. They immediately joined and called me to offer me this project which seemed a bit crazy to me. At first, I told them that I didn’t necessarily feel capable of that. And, I met, via a friend in common, Julien Todeschini who co-wrote with me. He had already written two books, so he had a lot more experience than me. I bring my expertise on the practice of running and he, on the scientific and nutrition part. It was an amazing project to do. I had a lot to say so I took the plunge!

This project was born before or after your participation in Koh-Lanta?

Dorian Louvet: After all, we’re not going to hide it. Everything that has happened to me for three years is simply exceptional and incredible. This is a project that was born thanks to my job. My publishing house wanted me to write this book because I am a running professional. But, of course, because I also acquired a little notoriety thanks to the Koh-Lanta show.

From your practice of sport to Koh-Lanta, how did that forge your passion for running?

Dorian Louvet: I started with football before moving on to running. I felt that I had skills, I ran a lot of football and I was never tired. Everyone told me to start running. It’s really the competitive side that made me come to running. By training, I saw that I could have results, it is very pleasant to be able to perform. I take a lot of pleasure in the performance to achieve beautiful things. When I’m not running, I really don’t feel alive. I feel like something is missing in my body. Running is really an integral part of my life. It’s just a drug.

What do you think are the three essentials to getting into running?

Dorian Louvet: First, the equipment. You have to be very careful with the equipment and recovery to avoid injury and run safely. Next, patience. You have to know how to be patient when running, you can’t get results from the first 2-3 days. And, finally, regularity. Training five times a week and doing nothing for 3 weeks is really not effective. From the moment you have a bit of regularity, patience and you are equipped, you just have to have the courage to get started.

Photographer: © Catherine DELAHAYE

What has been the fan feedback since the book’s release?

Dorian Louvet: I am really very happy with this project and I would like as many people as possible to benefit from this book. The feedback is very good. It is a very complete book.

Denis Brogniart signed the preface to your book and you have the support of former candidates from Koh-Lanta. Is it an honor for you?

Dorian Louvet: As the writing of the book was coming to an end, I wanted someone to write my preface and I needed someone well-known and popular. The idea was to have a sports enthusiast who had a direct link with me. And, inevitably, the only person who really ticked all the boxes was Denis Brogniart. I sent him a message, he called me right away and then he asked me what the book was. I explained to him, and he said to me: “it’s great what you’re doing. It’s an honor for me to do this preface”. I was pleasantly surprised. The following week, he sent me a preface which is truly incredible. I get chills every time I read it. For the other candidates from Koh-Lanta, we all stay more or less in contact even with adventurers who were not in my season. It’s a big family and we all know each other. When it comes to supporting each other, we are all there. There are many sportsmen who relayed on social networks.

Are you ready to participate in a Koh-Lanta “All stars”?

Dorian Louvet: It’s hard to refuse. If they call me, I’ll go back, but I suffered so much there that it’s really kamikaze to want to suffer so much again. But, we tell ourselves that we can always do better. It remains an incredible show and a crazy experience on which we suffer a lot at the moment. But, as I say so well in my book, “Pain is fleeting, surrender is permanent.” When you come out of all that, you come out grown up and even more proud of what you have achieved. So of course I’m signing again for an “All Stars” season.