The defence Commissioner of the Bundestag Hans-Peter Bartels (SPD), the German armed forces for the leadership of the rapid Nato response Force is not well equipped. “We will have to improve the whole, difficult to matured complex of the material management is very strong, to be able to this new task really well to cope without neglecting everything else,” said Bartels, the Bavarian radio on Wednesday.

Necessary it is “to provide a fully-equipped force on the legs”. Already in 2015, he had found a troop visit, how big the problems are –because of the rapid reaction Force was still in the testing phase. The soldiers had handed over to him at the time, “a list with 15,000 individual Parts, which they had borrowed, in order to be completely equipped to be,” said Bartels.

Today, the situation is still the same. “This Time, it had to be from all over the Bundeswehr, the Material pulled together” to be fully equipped. It can be useful to nothing, to know where the device was, “but you must have it then, if you should be embarrassed”. Bartels added: “The device that is missing elsewhere.”

stocks in part to 70 percent and less down

The military representative for the claim of German Minister of defense Ursula of the Leyen (CDU), which had to be equipped Bundeswehr “now back to one hundred percent, so all associations must have the device, you would have to have on the paper is actually taught”. In fact, however, the reform of 2011 had been driven after the last of the German armed forces stocks to 70 percent, and sometimes far below it. In addition, some of the device was “old and decrepit, the other is new and has teething problems”.