Athletics innovative world-class Zurich is meant to be – but “” – in a new Form30 top stars have been struggling on 9. July in 8 disciplines and the 7 stages of ums TV audience.Monica Schneider0 comment of use at the highest level: world Cup-bronze winner Mujinga Kambundji starts unexpectedly early at 9. July in Zurich alone.Photo: Jean-Christophe Bott (Keystone)

The world of athletics is just about to reinvent itself. You need to moved, if you and your Stars don’t want to get in oblivion: the Olympics in 2021, the EM cancelled also, the Diamond League Meetings until at least the end of June due to the Corona pandemic. And “world class Zurich,” the world’s most prestigious Meeting, has early announced that the three-day final meeting will be held in the highest competition series in September. Because the travel provisions are unclear, because in the time until then, not all of the athlete and athletes the same training options, in short: because it is not world-class can be guaranteed.

Now, the Zurich meeting of the Directors, Christoph Joho and Andreas Hediger with the “Inspiration Games present” already on 9. July, however, a Meeting on a world class level – in a completely new Form. You have searched for creative Ways and new ideas, says Joho. And came up with a formula that has given it hardly: The (foreign) athletes not to come to Zurich, the Meeting comes to you. In eight disciplines, three athletes compete against each other – one from the United States, one from Europe, one from the Rest of the world, all in a stadium near you. Despite distance, thanks to the television of a virtual voltage full team competition is to be created.

three shared TV screen

The TV Format is produced by SRG SSR, the images in seven different stages, the Event will be broadcast live around the world, in Switzerland, between 20 and 21.30 in the evening. Concretely, this means, for example: world Cup-bronze winner Mujinga Kambundji start in the Letzigrund about 150 m – spectators will be admitted only on a smaller scale. Their opponent, the Bahamian construction of the 400-m Olympic champion Shaunae Miller-Uibo, and the six-time US Olympic champion Allyson Felix. Miller-Uibo starts in Florida, Felix in California, the starting shot in Zurich, and the home screen is divided into three.

Special race for Lea Sprunger in “world class Zurich,” The European champion starts at your training facility Papendal in the Netherlands.Photo: Jean-Christophe Bott (Keystone)

eight top-notch occupied three fights, four each for men and women are Planned. In addition to a relay inside, also European champion Lea Sprunger will receive a start-up race with the Swiss the opportunity of over 300 m hurdles, in the men’s Alex Wilson hits about 200 m on the last year’s fastest-Noah Lyles (USA). All the start is not inside and the Starter is known, and in the case of men a in the USA distance (approximately 91 m), the 200 metres and the triple jump, the fourth discipline, in addition to the 100 Yards,. To guess easily to which it is a jump: the bar is high. Each organizer would have this discipline with the US-Swedish high-Flyer Armand “Mondo” Duplantis in his program. But still being negotiated.

But what if in California back in Florida against the wind is up and it is in Zurich’s raining? It should be all aware of the fact that the direct comparability of the power was not given, say the organizers. In addition to the Live-Feel to it, the Inspiration, the value of the entertainment is just as important as athletic performance. In addition to a minimal entry fee, the trio will receive a small cash prize to the winner of 8000 francs to wait after all.

Oslo versus Nairobi

In a similar Meeting, the “Impossible Games”, in Oslo tomorrow, Lea Sprunger and Selina Büchel (about 600 m). The actual Bislett Games, part of the Diamond League, have also new forms of race come up. Thus, the three Inge brigtsen to occur, for example, brothers against a Kenyan Trio of over 2000 m. The Norwegians start in Oslo, the Kenyans in Nairobi.

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