Victor Belmondo: who is the talented actor and member of the famous clan?


An assured succession in the Belmondo clan. Among the members of the family, his grandson Victor made a remarkable debut in the cinema. After a first short film in 2003 in Acharnés by Régis Mardon, the young graduate of the ESEC film school refined his talent by studying theater at Cours Peyran Lacroix, recalls Gala.

Chaining the appearances in various fictions, Victor Belmondo debuts at the cinema in The Very Private Life of Monsieur Sim, by Michel Leclerc in 2015. Three years later, the actor plays in You are young, you are beautiful. But it was in 2019 that the career of the young prodigy took off where he starred in three films: Mon Bébé by Lisa Azuelos, All Inclusive by Fabien Onteniente and Versus by François Valla.

A filmography completed with Envole-moi, by Christophe Barratier, whose actor plays the leading role. Something to make his parents Paul and Luana Belmondo proud, not to mention his illustrious grandfather. “There was a lot of modesty between us, but when we talked about it, I saw that he was proud. Whether it was me was not important, but he was happy that a member of the family became an actor”, explained the actor in Le Parisien in 2021.

While the patriarch of the Belmondo clan died on September 6 at the age of 88, it was his grandson Victor who paid him a vibrant tribute to the Invalides. “The other members of the family did not feel like doing it so I went. I am very happy to have been able to pay this tribute, not in my name, but on behalf of the whole family. This was not my tribute, it was the tribute of the family”, he continued facing our colleagues.

Despite this disappearance, Victor Belmondo maintains the family heritage by succeeding his grandfather to whom he is often compared. “We will probably expect me more than another at the turn”, assures the actor seen in Albatross with Gala. “And that’s normal. I know where I put my feet, with what name I put them there, and I assume”.

The famous actor, seen in particular in an episode of Captain Marleau, is soon returning to the cinema with Stop Your Lies. A feature film by Olivier Peyon which he presented at the Angoulême Film Festival where it caused a sensation with photographers. Focus in pictures through our slideshow.