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An unmissable meeting of the PAF. Since 2012, Michel Cymes has hosted The Extraordinary Powers of the Human Body with Adriana Karembeu on France 2. A series of reports dedicated to the mysteries surrounding human health.

The two animators go in particular to meet many experts all over France and around the world. They do not hesitate to lead by example in concrete experiments to support their point. Like the section broadcast this Thursday, July 6, 2023 devoted to the microbiota revolution. But, an announcement is likely to sadden fans of the scientific and medical program.

While three new numbers will be broadcast on the second public service channel until July 20, Michel Cymes has declared that he is stopping the presentation of his show The powers of the human body. Asked by the Télé-Loisirs site, the health professional justified his decision after 11 years on the air. “We have gone through all the powers of the human body. I think it’s time to stop”.

The opportunity for the host and actor of the fiction La Doc et le Véto to take stock of the extraordinary powers of the human body. “With the producer of the show, we always chose the themes addressed by telling ourselves that we had to teach things to viewers but that we too were surprised,” said the sixty-year-old married to his wife Nathalie since 2015.

“Next, our goal has always been not to go back to something that we have already dealt with, unless on a specific subject, there has been progress in recent years such as the microbiota… And that’s for that The Extraordinary Powers of the Human Body is going to stop after the third broadcast, there”. For the accomplice of the famous model, it’s a page that turns with very unusual moments.

As revealed by our colleagues who collected his remarks, evoking his filming with the production. “Each time, they made me do things that weren’t possible… And that said, I had some incredible moments with this show”. Despite the end of the program, the so-called “Doctor Good” remains active in the field: as his Instagram page indicates, he was named health ambassador for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games and continues to provide his health advice in explanatory videos on social networks.