Do you usually enjoy a pound cake at 4 p.m.? Be careful ! Brands voluntarily recalled such items between Wednesday August 3 and Friday August 5, 2022.

The reason behind this recall procedure? The risk of the presence of a metallic foreign body in the products. You are likely to consume it. However, this can represent a health risk for you, the consumer. Indeed, its ingestion could cause risks of injury or adverse effects, according to Rappel Conso.

Make sure you haven’t bought the food affected by the recalls. They are distributed throughout France. Here are the references to know to identify them:

Ingestion of these foods is not recommended. The Rappel Conso site also recommends destroying the product or returning it to the point of sale for a refund. To find out which brands to bring them back to, see the slideshow below.

In the event of a complaint, it is possible to contact the consumer service at these numbers: 08 00 00 91 80 or 08 00 86 52 86. The end date of the recall procedure is October 3, 2022.