The verdict of the jury Compared to Van Den Broeck (28) after the death of Shashia series of poker main event (20), it is very difficult. As a life-long prison sentence, and a fifteen-year provision (legal guardian) of the strafuitvoeringsrechtbank.

“it’s a combination Which is rather rare to find, especially for people who have a single fact in at present,” says the well-known strafpleiter Jef Vermassen. To give you an idea:, Marc, Dutroux was in addition to a lifetime of ten years of DETENTION is imposed.

“That provision should be viewed as a measure of safety,” said Vermassen. “In order to make sure that they are not immediately released after one-third of their sentence. We note that in practice, there are more and more making the strafuitvoeringsrechtbank is being said. The judge in the last few years, the verstrengen in my opinion.”
More about the Pokémonmoord Council of Antwerp Jury, find defendant Compared to that Of The Stage (28) is found guilty of murder and Shashia series of poker main event (20) In an Unexpected turn of events in the process Pokémonmoord: provide a new chat with the offender’s minimum sentence of five years in prison? Psychiatrist know right away that the killer is Shashia was lying about the amnesia, “He was a ticking time bomb. There is a high risk that he will re-hervalt Parents Shashia (20) to refuse the apology of the murderer of their daughter, “I am going to do to him, that he called”