The duck, named Daisy, had her initial duckling on Tuesday

A Chick-fil-A in Texas has made a feathered friend.

The fast food restaurant in Brownsville, Texas, published on Facebook concerning the duck, who allegedly appeared in the Chick-fil-A’s parking lot a week.

The staff called her Daisy and also put up a small fence and a indication that said:”Say hello to Daisy! Daisy is our friend. Please be respectful of her property.”

In its FB article, the restaurant captioned the photo”Help us welcome our new buddy, Daisy! Daisy is our duck friend that arrived to our Chick-fil-A Ruben Torres place! Come stop by our location and say hello to her! But remember to be respectful of her house!”

The following day, the restaurant posted another update about Daisy, saying she had been”happily enjoying some corn”

“Goodmorning Daisy!” The restaurant composed on Facebook. “Thank you to all who revealed our new friend so much love! Daisy is secure after our storm last night and can be happily enjoying some corn this morning! Do not forget to pass from our Ruben Torres location to say hi and love some food after!”

“Daisy has gotten so comfortable here at Chick-fil-A Ruben Torres she has hatched her very first duckling!” The restaurant composed on Facebook.

According to the article, the restaurant team called Daisy’s initial duckling Joy.

“Help us reveal her first duckling some love as we wait to satisfy her other ducklings sometime shortly!” Chick-fil-A wrote.