The future of travel: soon we will vacation on the moon?


    What is the economic value of the view from the window? Jong-Jin Kim and Jean Wineman the University of Michigan wanted to know about it in 2005, and a survey among managers of Hotels, office buildings and residential made complex. Your result: the quality of The Outlook, plays for the rental of offices and flats in a major role – much less for Hotels. The cause for this difference seems to lie, according to the scientists: “Because of the hotel accommodations, of course, are of limited duration, like customers place less value or attention to the views, if you rate Hotels, or rate.”

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    it is the most expensive Hotels in the world, these findings refute but in all likelihood, in the coming years: their situation is in terms of possible ventures outside the house very unfavourable, but they offer the most exclusive window view, you can think of. The speech is from so-called “Space Hotels” Hotels in near-earth orbit with a view of our home planet, or, alternatively, in the dark, unfathomable Depths of space.

    The most beautiful marble you can imagine

    generations of astronauts have described these views are always impressive. “With greater distance from the earth was getting smaller and smaller. Finally it shrank to the size of a marble, the most beautiful marble you can imagine. This beautiful, warm, living object looked so fragile, as if it would crumble if you anstieße it with the Finger. To see this, one has to change a man,“ had, for example, the Apollo Astronaut James Irwin in 1971, reported.


    This formative experience, which will be accompanied in Orbit by the not less impressive experience of weightlessness is already since 2001 alone professional space drivers reserved. In the year of the American businessman Dennis Tito was flown as the first space tourist for the price of $ 20 million to the International space station ISS. The ISS is not designed as a research station, however, to allow their occupants a very comfortable and luxurious stay.

    This gap in the market for a space hotel in the true sense, want to include several companies in the coming years. As the first luxury hotel in Orbit, “Aurora announced Station,” the Houston-based company Orion Chip. As in the spring, it was announced, is to be sent to the Station in 2021, to hot to 2022, the first guests welcome. The company advertises that you could reduce the cost for the Design and manufacture of the space station by new technology. The Station, which is planned as an eleven-Meter-long tube with a diameter of around four meters, should be in addition, depending on your needs, expandable, and with the time dynamic, always continue to increase. The cheapest twelve-day all-inclusive” – so the arrival should stays “included $ 9.5 million cost, almost $ 800,000 per night. As preparation for a three-month Training in Houston is necessary.

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