Born on April 17, 1976 in Les Lilas in Seine-Saint-Denis, Maïwenn is a recognized director in the film industry. From an early age, she has been rocked by the artistic world. During her childhood, she regularly visited film sets alongside her mother, actress Catherine Belkhodja.

Renowned as a person with a strong character, Maïwenn is known to often attract the wrath of part of public opinion. In 2020, she stepped up in the columns of Paris Match to defend Roman Polanski. The director was then criticized from all sides after receiving the César for best director for the film I accuse while he was being prosecuted by American justice for illegal sexual relations with a minor.

“Polanski received an award for a great film, what’s the problem? We didn’t give him a Nobel either! Adèle Haenel must have a big sore somewhere, to leave like she did”, had she thus declared before severely tackling the feminists. “It’s crazy what bullshit they can say lately! These are women who don’t like men, it’s clear, and who are the source of very serious collateral damage”.

During this interview, she even explained that she enjoyed being bothered in the street. “I hope that men will whistle at me in the street all my life. I have never felt offended because a man gave me a bestial look. On the contrary, I take it as a compliment”.

Throughout her life, Maïwenn had several relationships. Discover the men in her life in our slideshow.