Fly me, She made a baby on her own, I will go where you will go… Jean-Jacques Goldman has signed several hits that have marked the French variety. From his timid beginnings in the 70s to his rise in the 80s, he has had a string of successful albums and collaborations. However, the favorite personality of the French remains a discreet man about his private life.

In 1975, Jean-Jacques Goldman married Catherine Morlet who is his first wife. They have three children together, Caroline (born in 1975), Michael (born in 1979) and Nina (born in 1985). If his two daughters have chosen to turn to the medical sector, his son followed in his footsteps in music then he founded the My Major Company label and distinguished himself in 2022 as director of Star Academy. After 22 years of marriage, the singer and his wife divorce.

In the 1990s, Jean-Jacques Goldman continued to shine on stage when he met Nathalie Thu Huong-Lagier. Born in 1979, the young woman, originally from Marseille, is a brilliant student in mathematics. She would also be a big fan of the singer since she would have attended a concert of her idol in 1995.

Legend has it that the admirer would have taken her courage in hand to meet the artist in his dressing room. Over time, Jean-Jacques Goldman and Nathalie Thu Huong-Lagier have forged a bond that has turned into a beautiful relationship. The hitmaker will seal his love by marrying a second time in 2001, with his partner.

After the wedding, the singer followed his wife to Marseille where the latter obtained her mathematics aggregation, then her doctorate by writing a thesis in mathematics at the University of Aix-Marseille 2, as indicated on the IdRef site. . Fulfilled in their respective careers, Jean-Jacques Goldman and Nathalie are raising their three daughters together: Maya (born in 2004), (Kimi born in 2005) and Rose (born in 2007).

Far from showbiz and social events, the ex-member of Les Enfoirés protects his relatives from the media. “He suffered a lot from having sacrificed his first family life on the altar of his career. He did not want to make the same mistake when he remarried in 2001”, assured the journalist Jean-Pierre Pasqualini, quoted by Le Journal du Dimanche and After a parenthesis in London for 5 years, the septuagenarian returned to live with his family in the Marseille city in 2021 and works in the shadows where he lent his pen for other artists.