the song of The good spirit, the three singers sing yesterday off-the-cuff, is a tribute to every place: “There’s a sweet, sweet spirit in this place” sing Terry Blackwood and his companion, which together form the “Imperials”. More consistent, and of course, every sound sits. “We have the song at the time, Elvis in the penthouse, pre-payments,” says Blackwood. “He liked it, and it was part of every presentation.” The singer was Elvis Presley graduated after 1969 until his death in 1977, more than 1100 Live concerts. As well as the instrumentalists, the Pianist Glen Hardin, drummer Ronnie Tutt and guitarist James Burton.

Bernhard Biener

correspondent of the Rhein-Main-Zeitung for the high Taunus district.

F. A. Z.

The three men around 80 years of professional musicians who are heard on many recordings of various artists. To Bad Homburg, it has led, however, to the “King”, the Band they formed 50 years ago until his death. Elvis was during his military time, once again, in the resort town, among other things, to karate training in the gym at the Dorotheenstraße. But there is yet another connection. “Don’t even know a lot of Fans,” says Dennis Jale, the today goes with the “TCB” above the Original Elvis Band on Tour. “Elvis has stayed at “Parkhotel”, as his family came to Germany.” Father Vernon, grandmother Minnie Mae, and two bodyguards and friends travelled from the United States, with the aircraft and participated in the 4. In October 1958, their first quarters in the Hotel on the Kaiser-Friedrich-Promenade.

The house belonged at that time to the Steigenberger group and is now known by this name. Elvis had arrived five days before the ship and at the Ray Barracks in Friedberg housed. He got two days of special leave and spent it with his family in knight Parkhotel – the mother had only died a few weeks earlier. After that, the Elvis Clan moved on in Hilbert’s Parkhotel in Bad Nauheim.

“living room concert with acoustic instruments,”

prior to this there was on 5. October a press conference in Bad Homburg, with the numerous shots in the Hotel and in the adjacent Spa gardens were created. In the pictures, the 16-year-old Margrit Bürgin, you can see that Elvis became friends. The Gelsenkirchen-based collector Andreas Schröer has some of the photos in the Original. He knows that there are different figures to those days. “Probably even in my own book.” But now the data referred to voted, he assured. It also fits well, because of 4. to 6. October, will play the TCB-Band in the Steigenberger Hotel, to commemorate the stay of the “King”. “It is a kind of living room concert with acoustic instruments,” says Jale. The native of Vienna, to be an Elvis impersonator, but to interpret the songs his way.